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Preeti Engineering/ss turned parts Preeti Engineering/ss turned parts Preeti Engineering/ss turned parts Preeti Engineering/ss turned parts Preeti Engineering/ss turned parts Preeti Engineering/ss turned parts
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High Precision Turned Components with Advance Turning Technology, which gives accurate sizes high quality finishing on turned components used in industry.

  • Industrial Items,Components

  • Components used for Sensors

  • Automotive Industry parts

  • Electronic Industry parts

  • Electrical Industry parts

    We are specialize in drilling Long drill, specially in stainless steel, with fine accuracy. We are having infrastrecture to drill from .5mm on wards in stainless steel. Thess parts are specially used as jet spray.

  • Stainless steel Nozzles

  • stainless steel Jet sprays

  • stainless steel Pot seals

  • stainless steel sprinkler nozzles
    We are specialize in making long stainless steel pot seals with fine drill and high accuracy which is on high demand in industry. These are in stainless steel 303 grade, ss304 ss316. We are able to drill from .5 mm onwards to required size.

  • Plain Pot seals

  • Threaded Pot seals

  • Special Pupose Potseals
    We are manufacturer of all types of turned stainless steel rivits used for combining two objects. eg. two plates. These rivets are manufactured using turning technology.

  • High Precision Rivets

  • Multiples diameter rivets

  • Rivet with drill bore

  • Hollow and solid rivets
  • We are manufacturing all types of stainless steel dowell pins, grinded pins, knurled pins, groved pins,special purpose pins, for all industrial purposes as well as other requireements. Pin types are
  • Stainless steel dowel pins
  • Grinded Dowel Pins
  • Knurled dowel pins
  • Threaded Dowel Pins
  • Groved Dowel pins
  • Industrial Pins
  • Special Purpose Pins

    Nut Insert is a commenly required item in marked with different sizes and different types of threads. We are manufacturing all types of nut and inserts as per customer requirement and specifications.
  • Stainless steel Inserts with M3,M4,M5,M6,M8 Tapping
  • Special purpose Stainless Steel Inserts
  • Stainless Steel Inserts for auto parts
  • Steel Inserts in Mild Steel, Free Cutting Steel
  • Stainless steel as fasteners
    We are specialize in making sheet metal parts for various purpose such as fasterner type parts, pressing and punching types parts. We are having complete infrastrecture for making holes in pipes and tubes.

  • SS sheet metal parts for automotives
  • Stainless Steel parts for Tubing
  • SS parts for electronics industry
  • Aluminium Sheet Metal parts for USB
    This is one of the typical parts in turning.
    we are manufacting all types of transition fittings threaded and non threaded in all sizes.

  • SS Transition Fitting 1/16"
  • SS Transition Fitting 1/8"
  • SS Transition Fitting 3/16"
  • SS Transition Fitting 1/4"

    Preeti Engineering

    Engaged in turning and shaping. What We are...

    Auto Turned Component Manufacturer, Automotive Turned Component Manufacturer, Sheet Metal Component Manufacturer, Metal Insert Manifacturer, Moulding Insert Manufacturer, Micro Turn Component Manufacturer, Turned Component Manufacturer, SS Turn Component Manufacturer, Metal Bush Manufacturer,Turne Parts, Stainless Steel parts, S.S. Turned Part & S.S.Turned Component.

    With its principled approach towards customer satisfaction and an experience of many years in the field, the company has gained  recognition in High Precision Turn Components,  Automobiles Components,  Small Turned Components, ss pins, s.s.screws, s.s. slloted nuts,s.s. rivits,ss pins, ss dowell pins, stainless steel pin, Hinge pins, Groove pin, Ground Pins,Lock pin, pivot pin, Knurled pin, Centerless grinded dowell pin, shafts, lock shaft, pivot shaft, O.D. Threaded Shaft, grinded shafts.

    Preeti Engineering specialises in introducing innovative designs that add to the range of  components that we offer to the market. We provides the best quality. Preeti Engineering is accredited with QMS ISO 9001:2008 from NORSK.

    Preeti Engineering
    Plot No. 107/2, Anand Industrial Estate, Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh- 201007, India

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